People have been using massage therapy for centuries. It spans over 4000 years. Sense reinitialized references are found in context to massage, mainly in the medical texts of ancient Chinese. However, with this ancient and ever-evolving practice, there are many myths and preconceived notions about the procedure. Therapists care about their patients’ bodies as well as their minds. Today, many people book sessions for massages, and you can easily find them across the UAE. There is a good number of a spa & massage center Abu Dhabi as well. It’s time to remove myths and misconceptions about massage.

Every Massage Is the Same

There are various kinds of massage, and every massage is specifically designed for a particular purpose. Massages can help reduce numerous ailments that a person could be experiencing for a long time. For instance, the incredibly popular Swedish massage is specifically designed to reduce tension, relaxing the person. This massage is excellent for someone who needs a break from their day-to-day life. However, it is not sufficient for a foreign athlete or a person whose body experiences high strain levels. There are specific massages for athletes that reach deeper into the tissues to eliminate fatigue and enhance recovery from typical pains or injuries. Therefore, all messages aren’t alike, making it essential for you to select a proper therapist and the correct massage to match the requirements.

Massage Therapies – Is Only To Relax

Massages can also be extremely relaxing, and studies have concluded that it stimulates the release of endorphins, which are responsible for enhancing an individual’s mood. But that’s not all. They are extremely helpful in improving the overall health of your body. Massage therapy is widely used in many cities to treat chronic pain, cancer, and other diseases. We have also noticed that specific health insurance firms are also beginning to consider massage therapy as a part of their benefits because medical professionals refer patients to reputable clinics and therapists as a part of the medical treatment.

Speaking During a Massage, Especially If It Hurts

Suppose a specific type of pain is being treated through massage. In that case, you should expect a certain amount of discomfort, especially if the therapist requires putting pressure on a sore muscle, along with poor circulation or swollen joints. It helps in enhancing the healing process. If you are experiencing continuous pain, it is perfectly alright to raise a concern with your therapist during the session. Keeping silent is not a rule that must be followed while in session. Therapists usually like to know how much pressure you are comfortable with and if the technique is suitable for you.

If you need to speak up, it’s perfectly alright, and you do not need to be hesitant about it. Your therapist must know your comfort level and the best technique for you.

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