Do you know that there is a wide range of massage therapy treatments? A top-notch spa such as the European spa center in Dubai offers numerous varieties of massage therapies to its customers. The type of massage offered depends on the specific needs of the customer. An expert suggests a suitable treatment that will suit the customer. It is practically useful to know about various types of massage treatments you can avail at a renowned spa, to relax your body.

Hot Stone Massage

It is a creative form of massage treatment that uses clean, hot stones to apply optimal pressure to various regions of your body. It helps in relieving muscle tension to the fullest possible extent. Also, it is effective in easing pain. The massage helps in improving blood flow, too.

Aromatherapy Massage

It is a comprehensively therapeutic massage that uses lovely varieties of fragrant essential oils. It is extremely good for your skin health. Moreover, the treatment is helpful in relieving stress. The massage also boosts positive vibes in you. It is quite effective in helping you tackle issues of depression.


It is a unique category of massage therapy that is useful in boosting the natural energy level in your body. The therapy, in this case, is amazingly helpful in improving various nerve functions. Reflexology is also supposed to reduce headaches to a good extent.

Shiatsu Massage

It is yet another uniquely appealing massage therapy treatment that helps you to relax. The therapy is effective in making you calm from inside, both from emotional and physical perspectives. It is also good for reducing headaches.

Four Hands Massage

This is an interesting form of massage in which two masseurs are involved in providing services to a single customer. It validates the name – four hands, as four hands of two masseurs are in action to deliver the service. The massage is hugely effective in improving blood circulation. Moreover, it helps tremendously in toning your muscles. The tissues become healthier after a few sessions.

Thai Massage

It is a rather traditional form of massage that makes your body more flexible. This is yet another form of massage treatment that improves the circulation of blood in your body. It is useful in enhancing the energy levels of your body, too.

Couple’s Massage

The massage is aimed to provide therapy to a couple, simultaneously. It helps you and your partner to bond and enjoy the soothing environment, relaxing to your heart’s content.

Visit a top spa

It is suggested to visit a renowned spa in Dubai. You can check out the website to learn more about various massage therapies.

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