Performing stretches after working out is also helpful in conserving your gains during exercising. They also help muscles by preventing the loss of their elasticity as well as their strength. Deep massage has also been found to affect muscles in a similar fashion as a workout would. The disengagement that muscles and tissues undergo during a deep tissue massage facilitates the flow of blood and overall circulation. However, this also tends to create friction between the tissues that are usually experienced when working out. Massages have various benefits such as improved flexibility, counteracting compression of the muscles, maintenance of muscle looseness as well as joint mobility. In order to experience a massage that can help you in alleviating muscle pain, you can try a premium European spa Dubai. These flexibility exercises are also useful in the preservation of benefits gained from massages.

These are some post-massage exercises that can be performed easily at home. However, it is advisable to take into consideration the limitations of your body before performing these. Pay heed to your therapist’s guidelines prior to performing any of these stretches:

Folding Forward

You can start by relaxing. Make sure that your arms and shoulders are relaxed and then slowly start bending at the waist. Instead of exerting any added pressure to touch your toes, permit your body to dangle freely. The pressure that is exerted naturally due to the pull of gravity is sufficient. This pressure will also decompress the spine. You can move from one side to the other. This will help you in releasing some tension. Let your chin rest on your chest so that there is no pressure on your neck. While returning in a straight standing posture, do so very slowly.

Hold Your Knee

As the name suggests, this exercise requires you to lay on your back and hold your knee towards your chest. Make sure to hold your knees in the right place by linking your fingers over them. Switch your knees every half a minute to one minute. This already is quite a beneficial stretch, but you can try other deeper stretches. You can try pushing your knee away from your body, you can try hip openers or cross it over your other leg.


Start by going down on your knees and your palms on the four – essentially a baby crawling position. Make sure that your back is parallel to the ground, roughly forming a table. While inhaling, sink your back towards the floor, stretch your tailbone, and keep your forehead up towards the sky. While exhaling, bring yourself up, curve your spine and fold your nose towards your knees. Keep repeating this while using your breathing as a guide.


Remember that while stretching has many benefits, it is advisable not to push yourself and your body. It is supposed to be a relaxing experience for your body and not another session of intense workout. Over time, the range of your movements will increase. Needless to say, you can reap the maximum benefits of these stretches after a massage. In order to experience the benefits of a body massage, you can visit

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